Bobtail Towing Service in Atlanta

Bobtail Towing Service in Atlanta GA

Bobtail Towing Service in Atlanta GA
Bobtail Towing Service in Atlanta GA

Tate & Sons Towing Atlanta is known for the professional bobtail towing service that we offer in Lakewood Terrace SE, Scottdale GA, Decatur GA, Mid Town GA, Atlanta GA, College Park GA, East Point GA, Forest Park GA, Union City GA, Riverdale GA, South Fulton GA, Lithia Springs GA, Mableton GA, Conley GA, Venetian Hills and Oakland City Atlanta GA. However, we don’t just tow our clients’ vehicles — we also offer heavy duty towing service to truck and semi truck owners! If you find yourself stranded in the middle of the road with a dead battery, call us and we’ll be there to assist you!

Bobtail Towing Service Atlanta Georgia

Anyone can jump-start a car battery all by themselves — as long as they have the right tools and equipment. These include jumper cables as well as a source of power, such as another car that has a full battery and can provide the required electricity to bring a dead battery to life. If you have access to neither, you’ll have to call battery jump-start specialists like us. Otherwise you can call us for our Bobtail towing service in Atlanta GA.

When you contact our team, we’ll take note of your vehicle’s make and model so we can bring with us a battery that has a similar voltage to your car battery. By doing this, we can safely jump-start your battery and ensure that it will receive the right amount of electricity and that it won’t get damaged in the process. Aside from securing the right type of battery, we’ll also bring along a pair of jumper cables as well as personal safety equipment like goggles and rubber gloves, which will help us avoid injuries while working on your battery.

What to Do When Jumpstarts Are Not Enough

Before we’ll jump-start your battery, we’ll check if it’s still in good condition and is eligible for jump-starting. If the battery is leaking or is the battery case is bloating and swelling, we’ll recommend a full replacement right away. Jump-starting the battery in this scenario isn’t advisable since it won’t solve the issue and might even lead to bigger problems.

If your battery needs to be replaced, don’t worry since we will assist you! Through our bobtail towing solutions, we can tow your vehicle to the nearest mechanic in the area. This way, you can have your battery replaced with a new one, and you can get back on the road ASAP.

Get in Touch With Us

Tate & Sons Towing Recycling – Atlanta should be your first port of call if you need help with jump-starting your battery. Dial (770) 899 2595 now to take advantage of our expert solutions in Atlanta, GA!

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