Don’t Panic When You’re Locked Out of Your Car

Don’t Panic When You’re Locked Out of Your Car  

A Prompt Lockout Service Saves the Day

Getting locked out of a car can happen to anyone anytime. When faced with situations like this, it’s very common to panic. It’s a good thing that you can always count on a lockout service to have your car doors unlocked. But before you stress yourself out, check your car keys, double-check your car door and the trunk. If you lost your key or it’s locked in your car, see to it that every car door or window is locked. There’s a chance that one door lock did not close properly. If it’s already determined that every door is really locked, keep your cool and think of other options. No spare key? Not all hope is lost, don’t worry. If nobody is trapped in your car, try these troubleshooting tips to unlock your car door.

Use Your Shoelaces

The shoelace trick does not work on all cars, but if you have the type of door lock that unlocks by pulling up, then you are in great luck. Simply tie a loop in the middle of a shoelace, gently put it into the door, hook it around the lock, pull it to tighten the loop, and pull it again to force the lock upward, hence unlocking it.

Try Using a Coat Hanger

Like the shoelace trick, this one also does not work on all cars. The coat hanger method works on cars with horizontal locks. Untwist a wire coat hanger and make a hook that you can slide inside the weather stripping in the window. Get the hook around the lock and pull it to unlock.

Look for a Rod and Screwdriver

Be careful when trying this trick as metal objects may damage the exterior of your car. Pry open the car door slightly with a screwdriver and then gently slide the rod in and push the unlock button.

If you’re still unable to unlock your car door with these tricks, Tate & Sons Affordable Towing – Atlanta can help you with our lockout service. If you are locked out from your car in Atlanta, GA and need professional help, call us at (770) 284-4192 right away!

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