Heavier Lifting for Heavier Loads

Heavier Lifting for Heavier Loads  

The Kinds of Vehicles That May Need Heavy Duty Towing

It’s a known fact that when automobiles get into scrapes of their own, they are later on rescued via vehicle recovery services by towing companies. Tow trucks are typically big enough to take on the job. But the idea of significantly larger vehicles, some of which may have more than four wheels on them too, getting into similar if not worse scrapes themselves isn’t really something that crosses the minds of the general populace. Like the whole chicken vs. egg debate, we’re now faced with the question, “Who rescues the trucks?” Well, we just might have our answers as we look into how heavy duty towing helps out the kinds of vehicles mentioned below.


Across the board, physics can explain some of the challenges in towing much larger vehicles like buses. What with the height, weight, shape, and length of the bus and the distance and speed at which it is being towed, there is the danger of skirting and other road horrors if the bus is not towed properly and by the appropriate towing vehicle. But with the extended wheel lifts on heavy duty towing trucks, a safe bus tow to its destination is possible.

RVs and Motor Homes

RVs and motor homes can be a little trickier as they’re not exactly just equipped with seating, so there is that additional weight. Thankfully for heavy duty tow trucks, they’re equipped with state-of-the-art wheel lifts and frame axles to accomplish a successful tow.

Garbage Trucks and Big Rigs

As for garbage trucks, big rigs, bobtails, and what have you, heavy duty towing vehicles are really the only ones qualified to tow them. Apart from the wheel lifts and frame axles, companies that offer heavy duty tow services usually customize their trucks to really ensure a safe and danger-free tow.

So as we have covered here, heavy duty tow services are the only way to go with larger, more heavily built vehicles that need to be recovered and transported elsewhere safely. Hurray for the not-quite-mystery solved! Boy, isn’t it a relief that heavy duty tow companies like Tate & Sons Affordable Towing – Atlanta from Atlanta, GA exist!

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