When to Know a Flatbed Towing Is Advisable

When to Know a Flatbed Towing Is Advisable  

Reasons for Contacting a Flatbed Towing Service Provider

Most towing companies only offer tow dolly. However, it is a known fact that flatbed towing is a lot safer than tow dolly. There are instances though which makes tow dolly a sufficient choice. However, there are certain circumstances which require a flatbed towing service. Read the list below to know when it’s time to contact a flatbed towing service provider:

1. When Your Vehicle Is Heavy

A tow dolly is recommendable only for certain cars. Vehicles that reach a certain weight limit can’t be towed using a tow dolly. A tow dolly can only carry small to mid-sized cars. If your car is on the heavier side, then choose a flatbed towing. You don’t want to risk having your car disengaged from the tow dolly as this may be a costly risk.

2. If Keeping Your Vehicle Damage-Free Is a Priority

Choosing flatbed towing can help you ensure that your vehicle won’t get damaged during the process. This is especially applicable to you if your car is on the expensive side. Such an investment must be protected. Opting for a tow dolly is not a surefire way of keeping it safe because it exposes your vehicle to potholes, road fissures, and other road debris.

3. When Your Vehicle Manufacturer Prohibits Other Towing Options

When you buy a car, there’s always a manual. You must check if your vehicle manufacturer has instructions on towing. There are specific vehicles that can only be towed using a flatbed towing truck. You must observe such prohibition in order to avoid risking your vehicle’s safety. This has to do with its transmission getting damaged when towed using a tow dolly.

Check for these factors when choosing a towing service. If you are stuck somewhere in Atlanta, GA, you can call Tate & Sons Affordable Towing – Atlanta. We are the reputable flatbed towing service provider in the area.

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